Bernard is the main protagonist of Catching the G-Man. He is a man whose life goal is to catch The G-Man, a mystery figure from the Half-Life series.


Season 1Edit

Whilst hanging out with his friends at Gm_Construct, Bernard spots The G-Man in the distance on an island. He gets Dog to throw him towards G-Man, but while flying through the air G-Man disappears into the water and Bernard hits the island hard and is knocked out. He continues his pursuit of G-Man but it doesn't work. He eventually confronts G-Man at Nova Prospekt, but G-Man slams a door in his face and walks off.

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  • He uses the Male_07 model from Half-Life 2, which was popularised as Gordon Frohman used this model in Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman. Bernard normally wears rebel gear, although he is dressed in citizen garments in some issues.
  • Bernard wasn't named until the beginning of the third season, in which the characters found amusement in his name.
  • He also appears in Joe's other comic Adventures of Joe.